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Power Drills

A power drill is an electric motor driven drill that is held by hand. (The mounted versions are called drill presses.) Most can be used as both drills and as power screwdrivers/wrenches.

When choosing a drill, consider the weight, chuck size, chuck type, horsepower, and power source. Many of the newer drills are battery powered, which gives you more mobility with some trade off in horsepower and weight.

The weight of the drill is important. It needs to be light enough to be comfortable but not too light so as to lack inertia and be more subject to jiggling around while you use it. We like your aluminum-cased drill because of the durability of the case and its weight.

Most power drills are 3/8" chucks. The chuck is the vise that clamps the drill bit in place. While most drill bits are 1/4" diameter and smaller, a 3/8" allows you to use the fatter drill bits without a chuck size reducer. The keyless chuck available on newer drills makes it easier to change drill bits (you dont' have to keep looking for that elusive chuck key), but they do not grip the larger bits as well and you may find some bit slippage if you are working with a tough material.

Lastly, make sure the drill has a variable speed and a reverse setting, and a built in bubble level can be handy, too. You will thank yourself later for these features.

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