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Rain Gutters and Downspouts

A well-designed roof will be impenetrable by water from rain and melted snow and use an incline to direct the water off of the roof. Rain gutters attached to the lower edge of the roof are intended to collect the flow coming off the edge of the roof and channel it to the nearest downspout, where it can be collected or further channeled away from the house. Without rain gutters, the mechanical properties of water will allow some of it to seep back into and damage the edge of the roof (even though this may require the water to move upward again) and allow a roof's worth of water to roll off the roof and puddle on the ground around the house's foundation (which will invite basement seepage and thus require further basement waterproofing).

Unfortunately, as good as they are, most gutters are prone to collecting more (such as leaves, twigs, and dirt) than just water. If not removed, these solid articles tend to plug up the gutter and spout and lead to the same type of water damage that you would have without gutters.

To learn more about gutters, downspouts, and how to keep them clear and functioning, we have prepared the following articles:

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