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Refrigerators / Freezers

Although you can buy stand alone freezers, it's next to impossible to find a kitchen-sized standalone refrigerator. Most units are combined refrigerator/freezers and the only decision is whether the freezer should be on top, bottom, on the side.

Here are some suggestions to help you pick the right refrigerator for you:

  • individual temperature controls for the freezer and refrigerator - this way, if you like your ice cream hard, you can set the freezer colder without having to worry about making ice milk in the refrigerator.
  • self-defrosting - these units actually cycle through a brief warming period in order to melt and accumulating moisture
  • filtered water in the door - while we think water on the door is a gadget, parents with small kids think they are great energy savers.
  • automatic ice maker - if you use ice a lot, an ice maker is great to have; if not, skip the feature because you need to be making ice most of the time to keep the machinery clean and so you'll end up throwing out the ice.
  • deep door pockets - a great feature that makes it easier to find things; otherwise, small items get lost in the back of the shelves.
  • adjustable and removable shelves - allows you to customize your refrigerator and easier to clean it.

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If you like wine, you may also want to investigate a special purpose refrigerator for wine, or, if you stock up on food and need plenty of space, consider adding a separate refrigerator drawer or a stand alone freezer.

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