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Restoration Glass

Restoration glass is clear glass that has been made to replicate the look of old glass, including all its imperfections. It is manufactured by the traditional mouth blown method invented several centuries ago. This glass is most commonly used in historic restoration projects, but homeowners with older properties like to use it to maintain the historical integrity of their buildings. It should also be used when repairing the glass in antique furniture.

If you are thinking of using restoration glass, consider the following:

  • Restoration glass comes in two grades. “Light” has fewer imperfections and resembles glass made in the nineteenth century, so it is suitable for Victorian era structures and furniture. It is about 3/32 inches (2mm) thick. “Heavy” grade restoration glass has more imperfections and resembles eighteenth century glass, so it should be used on most Colonial or Georgian era buildings and furniture. It is 1/8 inch (3mm) thick.
  • Restoration glass is made by either the traditional “cylinder sheet” or “crown” methods. “Cylinder sheet” is produced by blowing a cylinder of glass that is cut open and flattened while it is still hot. “Crown” glass is made by blowing a glass balloon which is rapidly spun into a sheet that can be cut into square or diamond shapes.

True restoration glass is colorless, but any color can be produced for special projects.

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