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Ornamental Roof Crestings

Ornamental roof crestings were a common addition on late nineteenth century buildings. Railings ran along roof lines and crowns topped cupolas. These decorative metal architectural details provided a finishing touch that directed the eye upward to the top of buildings -- they were the icing on the cake of any significant structure.

With the current interest in accurate historic preservation of Victorian buildings, interest in appropriate roof crestings is growing. They can now be ordered from specialty manufacturers who make a wide variety of beautiful and intricate styles. They can replace crestings that were previously removed; or they can be installed on new buildings constructed in the Victorian style to add a touch of authenticity.

If you are thinking of purchasing metal roof crestings for your building, consider the following:

  • Ornamental metal crestings are made from plate steel. The intricate designs are produced with a computerized plasma cutter. They need to be primed and painted when they are ordered from the manufacturer, or after they have been installed. When properly installed and maintained, they will last for decades.
  • Crestings can be ordered in stock sizes that can be cut to the length of the roof on site, or they can be custom made for an additional price. The most commonly produced crestings are 3/16 inch thick, but 1/4 or 3/8 inch thicknesses will give a more defined look and a better shadow effects.
  • The crestings mount on the roof with standard angle brackets which have been custom fitted to the pitch of each individual roof.

Crestings cannot be used as lightening rods, but since they may be struck by lightening, they must be grounded according to local building codes.

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