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Rubber Flooring

Although rubber floors have been available for many years, newer types made from recycled rubber products are making them an increasingly attractive choice for both homes and businesses, especially among those who are interested in building with “green” (environmentally friendly) products. Rubber floors are manufactured in an energy efficient, low waste process and are available as rolls or tiles. They can be used indoors or outside, as they are not affected by adverse weather or temperature extremes. They are slip resistant and do not easily stain. The resilient surface makes them particularly useful in areas where people will be standing, walking or running.

If you are thinking of installing a rubber floor, consider the following:

  • Rubber flooring can be cut, shaped, or otherwise customized to any shape or length. It is manufactured in a wide variety of colors, so it can easily be adapted to almost any customized design.
  • These floors are extremely durable, as they resist scuffing, scratching, and indentation. They can be easy to install and maintain. Some rubber floors have a built in protective coating to give the rubber a luster and to repel spills and stains..
  • Look for brands that use environmentally friendly adhesives and that have heat welded seams, which provide a smooth, even surface.
  • Rubber flooring is especially suitable for exercise rooms, playrooms, children’s bedrooms, basements, kitchens and laundry rooms. Avoid ex

Recycled rubber is also used to make stair treads and wall base moldings that can be used with rubber flooring.

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