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Installing a home sauna is increasingly popular as people become familiar with them at health clubs and spas. Using a sauna can clean the body’s pores, relax tired muscles and relieve stress. Because circulation, breathing and pulse rates increase in the sauna, it has some of the same beneficial effects as exercise. Users claim that saunas help them lose weight.

A sauna is a room made of tongue and grove boards, traditionally cedar or redwood, which is warmed by radiant heat. Stones placed on top of a heat source release relaxing heat, and they emit steam when a small amount of water is trickled over them.

Home saunas are available as kits from specialty manufacturers. If you are thinking of putting a sauna in your home, consider the following:

  • The typical sauna is usually 6 foot square with a 7 foot ceiling. You need to make sure you have room for it in your home. The most convenient place to install a sauna is near the master bedroom, but many people put them in the basement or near an exercise room.
  • Since the sauna process involves alternating time in the heat with a series of short showers, you will need to consider how far the sauna is from a bathroom with a shower.
  • The sauna’s stones can be warmed either by an electrical heater or, more traditionally, by a wood burning stove. In either case you must be sure that the sauna can be safely operated. Your home’s electrical system must be able to handle the extra load of electricity. Wood burning saunas need to be properly ventilated.

Finaly, be sure to check with the seller and local building and zoning codes for specifics and to see if a permit is required.

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