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Screen Houses for Your Yard

If you are interested in enjoying your deck, porch or patio without the inconvenience of bugs and hot sunlight, a screen house may be what you need. When buying a screen house you first need to consider if you want a permanent structure or a temporary one:

  • Permanent structures are
    • more expensive but can be modified for use in cool and cold weather
    • usually professionally installed, but if you are an experienced builder you can order the parts and do it yourself
    • can provide additional living space year round
    • provide a style that blends in and/or compliments your house
  • Temporary structures are
    • less expensive and are put up in the spring and removed in the fall using screened panels and awning roofs
    • usually come in kits that you can install yourself
    • can attach to one side of your house or be free standing
    • need a floor for easy clean up since rain is often a problem

If you want electricity for fans, lighting and/or heaters, you will need a permanent roof and/or a permanent wall(s). Before installing these, check to make sure they are rated for outdoor use.

Both permanent and temporary screen houses come in a wide variety of styles and prices, so finding one that meets your needs and budget is just a matter of checking around.

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