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Security Alarms

In an emergency, security alarms can protect your family and property through early detection and fast notification of police, fire, or medical personnel. Security alarms, while expensive, can provided needed protection and peace of mind and may also qualify you for a reduction in your insurance premiums. To determine the alarm system right for you, we have categorized them as follows.

Intrusions Alarms

The best thing that an alarm system can do is to deter intrusion. By "scaring away" a potential intruder, you prevent an incident from happening and spare the danger and effort involved with confrontation, apprehending, recovery of lost items, and prosecuting the criminal. Alarms can deter intrusion passively by being obvious to the casual eye (through posting of warnings) and through activity triggered by the presence of a potential intruder (such as the illumination of lights and/or the sounding of horns or verbal warnings).

Additional measures can be used to detect actual intrusion. These include trip switches in doors, windows, and skylights; pressure switches in the ground and floor; and sound, body heat, and motion detectors.

Whole House Monitoring

Many alarm systems will also monitor your home for smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, freezing temperatures, and medical alerts. Some even have expanded their services to provide mobile monitoring when you leave your home

Alarm Company Response

Security systems can be implemented to automatically notify the authorities or an alarm company

in the event they are "tripped." The advantage of using an alarm company is that they often provide a live responder on the phone in the event of an incident. This additional human involvement can help determine the validity of the alarm and the specific emergency response required.

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