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Security & Protection

A home, property, and personal possessions represent a majority of most people's wealth, which makes them critically important to protect. One way to devise a protection strategy is to look at threat deterence, asset protection, threat or damage notification, and damage reimbursement.

The best defense is to minimize danger by discouraging it at the start. Steps you can take to deter threats are:

  • install fences and gates and keep strangers form wandering onto your property and exterior lighting to eliminate concealed areas
  • post notices of an alarm system lets potential intruders know that their intrusion will be detected
  • presenting the appearance of someone at home at all times through automatically controlled interior lighting

You can take defensive steps to fortify your home against storm damage and intrusion by installing:

In the event of a threat -- whether it be an intruder, fire, flooding, mold, or other, prompt notification can help you minimize the damage it may case.

  • Security alarms are designed to detect and document intrusions to your home or property. They can be as simple as detecting the opening of a door or window, or they can be very complex, using a system of motion detectors, lights, cameras, and more.
  • Watch for other threats such as mold, radon, fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. Homes in western mountain states and New England should be tested for the presence of high concentrations of radioactive radon gas. Homes that have had flooding, leaking, or that have a moldy smell should be checked with a mold detection kit.
  • You can also monitor such things as electricity usage and room temperatures with a home monitoring system.

In the event that you do suffer damage to your home or contents from theft, fire, storm

damage, and other threats, make sure you have adequate home and contents insurance. While not as good as protection, insurance does provide you with the abilty to replace lost and damaged items so that you can get on with your life. Policies with liabilty coverage can also protect you if someone is injured on your property.

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