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Security and Storm Shutters

Security and storm shutters can protect your property by covering the windows and doors and making it all but impossible for anyone to break in while you are away. They can also prevent damage from debris and high winds during a severe storm. Security and storm shutters are usually made from aluminum, galvanized steel, or see through polycarbonate. They can be purchased from manufacturers that specialize in their production.

There are basically four types of security and storm shutters:

  • Storm panels are the simplest and least expensive type. They provide effective protection, but they are not the most convenient. They are most frequently put up on the outside of an opening when storm warnings are issued. This obviously can be time consuming. When not in use, they need storage. Putting them on a second story requires getting up on an extension ladder. These panels are also not the most attractive, as they come in limited colors and tend to have an institutional look.
  • Accordion shutters provide excellent security, sound and light control, and storm protection. They usually can be operated from either the inside or outside by sliding them across the opening on tracks at the top and bottom. This makes it practical to close them quickly and for short periods of time. But they are not very attractive as they come in limited colors and cannot be hidden when not in use. Because they must stack at one end of the opening, they will impinge on the view from the interior.
  • Traditional shutters can be made to provide protection from storms, especially if they are manufactured from aluminum or fiberglass. They come in a variety of historical styles and can be painted in custom colors, making them the most attractive architectural choice. These shutters need to be fully operational, not just decoratively attached to the exterior of the building. Often they can only be closed and secured from the outside, so an extension ladder will be needed for upper stories.
  • Rolling shutters are the most popular and convenient security and storm shutters. They can be installed to fit any opening. When not in use, they roll up out of sight, so they do not affect the appearance of a building. They can be ordered in customized colors. They provide sound and light control, insulation from heat and cold, and complete privacy in addition to protection. These shutters can be operated from the inside or outside

    of a building by a manual crank, or they can be motorized and controlled by a central control system, by a timer, or by a pushbutton. Also, wind sensors can shut the shutters when winds exceed a preset speed. Rolling shutters are the most expensive choice.

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