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Self Cleaning Windows

If you are tired of the tedious and exhausting job of cleaning windows, perhaps it is time to consider a new type of window that cleans itself. They can save you a lot of effort, especially in a house with a lot of windows, and keep your windows sparkling.

Self cleaning windows are made by applying a titanium-dioxide coating to the hot glass during the manufacturing process. This coating forms a strong, long lasting bond with the surface of the glass. When the window is exposed to the sunís ultraviolet light, the photo catalytic property of the coating slowly breaks down and loosens organic dirt. The coating also breaks down water beads so that they sheet over rather than cling to the glass. This causes rain to wash away the dirt on the exterior of the window without any scrubbing. In areas of the country where it rains infrequently, windows can be periodically rinsed off with a hose.

Once these windows have been installed, the titanium-dioxide will take a few days to start the process, but once it has been established, it will continue to work even on overcast days. Self cleaning windows can be used for all windows of the house, but they are most useful for hard to reach places so that you can avoid unsafe trips up a ladder to clean second story and attic windows. The interior of these windows is cleaned like any other window glass.

Self cleaning windows look like regular clear glass windows. They are a little more expensive than standard windows. They are not usually available at home improvement centers but need to be ordered from specialty manufacturers.

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