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A complete bathroom remodeling could involve all of the following skills:
  • design
  • demolition
  • plumbing
  • electrical wiring
  • tiling
  • sheetrock and plastering
  • painting
  • cabinetry
As a result, many homeowners turn to a general contractor or to individual professionals for many of the tasks.

If you decide to tackle organizing the project yourself, remember to follow your community's building codes and schedule inspections as required. Also, work with each of the tradesmen you intend to hire to understand what requirements they have before you start your project. For example, knowing that a plumber wants to run the pipe to the shower head before the wall is enclosed can save you the aggravation of knocking holes in new sheetrock.

If you decide to hire a contractor, here are some tips:
  • get references and inspect the quality of their work; see examples of work done a year or more ago to see how the work holds up to normal wear and tear (bathroom humidity can cause a lot of problems over time if the work is not done well)
  • get the details (materials, fixtures, finishes, cost, time, etc.) in writing and review the contract with your lawyer before signing
  • pay only as significant milestones are completed
Even with an experienced contractor, there may be unforeseen problems; however, the reason you use a contractor is to minimize the number and severity of such problems.
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