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Closet & Storage Professionals

There once was a time when closets were places to hide things; now, they are approaching being functional display cases of your belongings. Like large bathrooms, large custom closets with top quality finishes are the mark of expensive homes for our possession conscious society.

While you can do the closet design yourself, you may want to turn to an experienced professional. An experienced design and construction company can:

  • estimated your storage requirements and recommend appropriate mixes of hanging, shelf, and drawer space
  • recommend materials that are functional, durable, and elegant
  • include a mix of pre-fabricated and customized components to maximize the useable space
  • install the storage fixtures

In many areas, there are companies well known for their closet expertise. Often

times, these are specialty companies and not traditional building contractors (unless you just want pine or particle board shelves nailed to the wall). Shop around for the look and price that suits you best before settling on one company.
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