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Wood floors require periodic care. Exposure to sunlight may darken the protective polyurethane finish. Foot traffic and cleaning can wear or dull the surface. Scratches can go all the way through to the wood. Heat and humidity can cause the individual boards to expand, warp, or shrink and thus become uneven or cracked.

You can restore the beauty of most real wood floors by removing the surface finish and, if the wood surface is damaged or uneven, a thin layer of the wood as well. Provided that the damage is not too severe, the floor can then be treated, patched, and refinished to a reach a beautiful "like new" appearance.

Refinishing wood floors is not a difficult job but it does require special special equipment and some skill, which leads most people to hire out the work to an experienced floor refinishing company. They are best able to assess your floor and recommend the necessary work.

Sloppy work can do more harm than good, so we suggest that you get recommendations from friends who have had their floors refinished. It's best if you can find someone whose floor was in similar condition to yours since steps such as sanding can be tricky but may not be performed on all jobs. Inspect the floors closely. They should appear level and evenly coated. There should not be any pools, drops, or foreign materials such as dust, hair, or dirt in the finish. Be sure to check around edges and in corners, as they are the most difficult spots to work with.

Finally, have the company perform an in home inspection and discuss:
  • the cost
  • the materials to be used and the shininess of its finish
  • what will be done with the furniture
  • how long the work will take
  • when the floor can be used again
  • how long the new coating will last.
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