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Shelving for your Home

Traditionally, shelves were made from wood, with shelves hidden in closets often made from pine or particle board and painted. More recently, wire shelves have gained in popularity because of their lower cost. Here are some tips to help you decide the type of shelving material to use.

  • solid wood - use solid wood for small, dry items (such as books); choose a high quality wood for staining and/or sealing or choose any knot-free wood for painting
  • coated wood - excellent for pantries or other areas where you are concerned about spills or condensation, plastic coated shelves come in standard sizes and simulated wood finishes. Test the shelf to make sure it won't sag under the load you intend to place on it.
  • wire shelves - great for pantries or bedroom closets, wire shelves allow air circulation from underneath and can incorporate features like a clothes rod at the edge of the self. Only draw back is that small objects can slip between the wires.

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