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Siding for your Home

The four most common siding materials are wood, vinyl, and aluminum, and fiber cement siding. Brick, stucco, and other materials are dealt with in other areas of this guide.

  • Aluminum Siding - Aluminum siding is the strongest. The drawbacks to aluminum including dents and dipping, and the need to paint it every few years.
  • Fiber Cement Siding - This siding is very durable, available in wood-like texture finish, and available in several styles: lap siding, shingle siding, vertical siding, and planks.
  • Vinyl Siding - The most popular material for new construction, vinyl siding is inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to maintain (no painting required). It doesn't dent or rust, but it may crack if hit hard in very cold weather. Because the color pervades the material, scratches do not readily show.
  • Wood Siding - Wood is a traditional siding material and is available in shingles and planks.

    It is the most expensive of the three options and requires regular care, including painting and caulking, to maintain the wood. On the positive side, if well maintained, it can be the most beautiful of the sidings (which explains why vinyl and aluminum try to imitate its appearance).

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