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Sinks range in style from functional (laundry sinks) to elegant (some bathroom and kitchen sinks). Personal preference plays a primary role in selection, but you should look for other qualities, too.


The most common materials for sinks are porcelain, steel, fiberglass, and composites such as "cultured marble" (marble dust mixed with plastic resins). Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. Porcelain is easy to clean and looks nice but is a heavy material that can chip and break. Steel sinks look utilitarian (think "restaurant" and "train bathroom") but hold up well. Fiberglass sinks can be molded into the countertop for a seamless look that is easier to clean, but fiberglass doesn't hold up well to harsh cleaners. If you are looking for something exotic, explore marble and granite sinks.

Size & Shape

Sinks have some standardized sizes and shapes but are available in many custom sizes. Styles to consider are pedestal (includes a support leg but there is no storage below), wall hung (again, no storage; bolts to the wall), surface mount (fits on top of a hole in the countertop - be sure to decide on whether the faucets mount through the sink, which is a good idea for catching drips, and if so, the spacing between the hot and cold faucets as this influences the design of the faucet), and undermount (conceals the caulk link for a cleaner, sleeker look). For kitchen sinks, consider whether you want a single bowl (easier soaking and washing large items) or a double sink (allows you to use one bowl for soaking and still have access to a drain).

Color and Design

It's almost not worth mentioning color and design since there is such a wide variation intended to blend with various decors. Our only advice here is to pick a color and design that matches your toilet and bathtub.

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