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Standalone Solar Lights

If you are putting in a lighted walkway or want to mark a path, you can do so easily without running any power wires by using standalone solar lights.

Solar lights have solar panels on top that collect energy sunlight during the day in order to charge internal NiCad batteries. When a sensor detects darkness, the lamp illuminates. The light stays lit for a five or six hours (when the battery runs down), usually long enough for you to get home from a night out.

The latest models replace the energy hungry incandescent bulbs with low-consumption LEDs which are too dim to do more than shine a little light near your feet. But at least they mark the path and add attractive accents to your yard. Fuller featured lights include a halogen bulb which does give more light, but because they drain the battery faster, they last a shorter time each night.

Because standalone solar lights have no external power supply, they are easy to install and (if you're not happy with the first layout) rearrange. Use them to light the various landscape projects you have in the yard --

a great feature if you want to rotate the accents around your yard. Also, you can use them for experimenting -- once you have seen how these lights look, you can always transplant them somewhere else and replace them with a traditional wired system for more light and permanency.

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