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Soundproof Doors

Today’s lifestyles often result in the average home being used for a variety of work and leisure activities that produce unwanted noise or that require quiet. Beeping electronic equipment, loud TV's and musical instruments, talking, and outside noise can interfere with work, sleeping, or relaxing. Since the door in any room is the largest opening in the wall that allows noise to be transmitted to adjacent areas, sound proofing the door will go along way toward reducing unwanted noise.

If you would like the benefits of soundproof doors in your home, consider the following:

  • Standard hollow core interior doors provided by many home builders are extremely poor sound blockers. Particleboard core, composite core, and solid wood doors are much better choices, and they come in a wide variety of attractive styles. Since most doors come in standard sizes, it is not difficult to upgrade hollow core doors. However, even with solid doors, you will need to seal the doorway openings with weather-stripping if you really want to eliminate noise.
  • Bifold, pocket, and sliding doors are not as effective as swinging doors in blocking sound.
  • If you are building a new house, be aware that staggering the door openings along a hallway will help reduce noise transmission.
  • Flexible materials made out of vinyl-covered foam can enhance the soundproofing of an existing door. These come in a variety of thicknesses and can be cut to fit the size of the door. The material can also cover any windows, latches and handles in the door. A peel and stick backing makes it easy to apply.
  • An existing exterior door can be sound proofed by installing a second door (such as a storm door) made from laminated glass. This will create a sound barrier by increasing the air space between the two sets of doors, helping to reduce the annoying sounds of traffic, airport noise, or barking dogs. Since the additional door also provides extra security and insulation, this is an especially effective way of soundproofing sliding glass doors. These doors are quickly and easily installed, and there is little to no construction mess.

Or, you can seek out a specially designed soundproof door. However, these commercial and industrial grade soundproof doors are expensive and can be difficult to install in the average home.

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