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Soundproof Windows

If you are troubled by the annoying sounds of traffic, airport noise, or barking dogs, consider eliminating the problem by purchasing soundproof windows. These are windows that are installed over your existing windows in order to eliminate 75% to 95% of the noise that now penetrates your interior through the windows.

Here are some things you should know about soundproof windows:

  • Soundproof windows create a sound barrier by increasing the air space between the two sets of windows. Because they are made from laminated glass their inner layer of plastic stops noise vibrations, while the spring loaded seals in their frames prevent sound leaks.
  • Soundproof windows open and close just like your existing windows.
  • Soundproof windows can also dramatically increase home security. Laminated glass (the major component in bullet proof glass) does not shatter when broken but remains intact. As a result, it is an excellent break-in deterrent. Similarly, they are also a good choice in areas of the country prone to hurricanes, earthquakes, violent windstorms, and tornadoes.
  • In addition to the quiet they provide, soundproof windows will increase the insulation of your dwelling and so will save heating and cooling costs.

Soundproof windows are quickly and easily installed over your existing windows; since your current windows are not removed during the installation process, there is little to no construction mess to put up with. For all these reasons, soundproof windows are a significant home improvement that can increase the marketability of your home if you ever wish to sell.

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