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Steam Ovens

Although steam has long been a favorite cooking method in Asia, Westerners have only recently discovered the benefits of using steam ovens. Steamed food tastes delicious. Because steam cooking doesn’t require cooking with oils, butter, or sauces, steamed foods are lower in fat than those prepared by other cooking methods. Rapidly steaming food seals in the flavor, color, moisture, and nutritional value, resulting in food that is healthy and low calorie. Entire meals can be steamed in less than 20 minutes. Steam ovens are made by manufacturers that specialize in kitchen appliances.

If you are thinking of buying a steam oven, consider the following:

  • Steam ovens can either sit on the counter or be built into the kitchen cabinets. Both types use refillable water reservoirs to produce the steam, so there is no need to install a direct plumbing line.
  • Poultry, meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits and some desserts can all be cooked together in steam ovens. So, if you want to cook a number of different foods at one time, look for multi-level cooking chambers.
  • Make sure the ovens are equipped with temperature control sensors that precisely monitor and maintain temperatures during the cooking process.
  • Better steam ovens use Injection systems to create an even distribution of the steam throughout the oven; the result is consistently cooked food at all levels.

Those looking to reduce the salt in their diets can add flavor to steamed foods by using herbs, spices, stocks, or wine in the steaming process.

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