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Steam Showers

You can pamper yourself at home with a steam shower in your bathroom. Steam showers come as complete, one piece shower enclosures or as an addition to your existing shower stall.

Complete units come with fiberglass enclosures with glass doors. They include the steam generation unit, shower heads, faucets, molded seating, and sprays. Top of the line units feature up to a dozen body level jets, head or neck jets, and steam aromatherapy dispensers.

You can also assemble a steam shower yourself. To upgrade your existing shower, or build a custom enclosure in your own bathroom, you need to insure that the high temperature moisture from the steam does not penetrate the shower walls or simply escape into the room and cause damage to the walls and ceiling. Line the shower stall with one half inch cement backer board and then finish the walls, ceiling, and floor with ceramic tile held by a cement based adhesive. Install glass shower doors with rubber seals, an optional ventilation fan, and seating. Place the steam generation unit where you can gain access to it for maintenance, just like a hot water heater.

The key features of a steam shower are:

  • the time the steam generator takes to generate steam
  • how the unit handles the mineral deposits that form on the heating elements when water boils away
  • a digital thermostat to control the steam room temperature
  • an automatic timer to shut the steam unit off
  • the energy efficiency of the steam unit

The best units beginning generating steam in less than a minute and flush accumulated deposits automatically at the end of each use. Other units can take considerably longer and require a periodic manual flushing of the system.

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