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Stainless Steel Deck Railings

Stainless steel is an increasingly popular choice for those who are looking for a long lasting, maintenance free material for deck railings. These railing components are made from high quality "316" stainless steel, which makes them especially resistant to extreme environmental conditions, including exposure to saltwater, acid rain, high heat, and freezing cold. They are also fire resistant, strong, and lightweight. Stainless steel railings can have a sleek, modern appearance, or the railing components can be combined with wooden deck posts to give them a more traditional look.

If you are thinking of purchasing these deck railings, consider the following:

  • Stainless steel railings can be ordered as modular, pre-engineered systems whose interlocking design provides for quick installation without special equipment. They can also be ordered as more expensive custom designs. Most can be installed by a handy homeowner.
  • Most of the modular railings come in standard 4 and 5 foot lengths and 36 inch and 42 inch heights.
  • New stainless steel is manufactured from at least 50% recycled material and is itself 100% recyclable, so these railings are suitable for homeowners interested in using “green” environmentally responsible building supplies.

Stainless steel deck railings are easy to keep clean by occasionally hosing them off with water.
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