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Steel Panel Radiators

If you are remodeling an existing house or are building a new home, you may want to consider using sleek, European style steel panel radiators for your heating system. Steel panel radiators provide quiet, radiant heat; they can increase energy efficiency because they are able to operate at low water temperatures; and the panels are easy to keep clean.

Steel panel radiators are manufactured from heavy duty welded steel. They are made to operate as part of a closed-loop, forced hot water (hydronic) heating system. Water heated by a boiler circulates through panels which contain hollow, flat tubes. The boiler can be powered by natural gas, heating oil or LPG propane. An alternative self-contained electrical system is also available.

If you are thinking of installing steel panel radiators, consider the following:

  • Steel panels can directly replace fin tube and cast iron radiators in an existing system. Uniform tappings allow each radiator to be piped eight different ways.
  • The panels are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Standard models include baseboards, wall panels, vertical panels (good when there is limited wall space), columns (can be mounted on the floor away from the wall). They also come in a wall mounted style that can double as a heated towel rack. In addition, you can order custom baseboards and curved shapes.
  • The standard panels come in a variety of colors including various shades of white, gray, blue, brown, and red. Steel panel radiators can also be ordered in custom colors to match any decor.

Please note that although these radiators operate at low temperatures, they cannot be connected to a home tap water system.

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