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Designing Storage Closets

Storage closets, like attics, are meant to be utilitarian; that is, emphasize function over beauty in your design, and save a few dollars on the cost.

Here are some tips to help you design your storage closets:

  • be realistic about space. You really don't need to keep everything handy. Determine what you are likely to need daily, weekly, and perhaps monthly and allocate space for these in convenient storage closets around your house. The rest should be relegated to the attic, basement. or trash.
  • make use of standardized storage containers that can be easily labeled. While you may lose some space inside the boxes, you will gain plenty by being able to organize. These can double as "drawers" for small items.
  • allow room for large, odd-sized items.
  • plan to put heavy items on the floor or lower shelves. For safety reasons and to reduce support costs, upper shelves should only have small, light items.
  • use strong materials such as steel for shelving.
  • include ample light to help you find what you are seeking without having to pull every box out.
  • if you must use two layers deep, reserve

    a spot on the wall for an index so that you won't have to hunt for items in the back (or for the index itself).

Remember to finish your closet off with a nice closet door.

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