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Public Storage Units

Each year, the amount of belongings we own grows and leaves us in increasingly cramped living space. One popular alternative that allows you to make a "clean sweep" of your home without having to toss out those things that you don't use today -- and might not use tomorrow, but maybe next year, is a storage unit at a public or self storage facility. For a modest fee, you can rent additional space, usually by the cubic foot/month, for storage of practically anything you want.

Here are some tips on choosing the right storage center for your needs:

  • Many companies offer very attractive introductory packages to get you started, so shop around and compare offers.
  • Storage companies try to differentiate themselves based on services beyond simply storing your goods. Find a company that offers the best mix of additional services for you. For example, you may be interested in pick-up and delivery servicies, especially in urban areas or if you do not have your own vehicle for transporting your belongings.
  • Access to your belongings when you want is very important. Compare companies based on how easy it is for you to get there and any restrictions on hours or days.
  • Depending on what you are storing, climate control can be important. Exposure to cold, heat, and dampness can ruin many items.
  • Make sure your belongings will be safe. Inquire about the facility's use of security guards and alarms, locks, and the security of the location (for example, avoid facilities in flood prone areas).

Finally, you may find it a good idea to investigage the expandability of your storage area. For many people, as they discover the advantages of a storage unit, they begin to use it for more and more belongings. Inquire about the company's "upgrade" policies now should you need additional space later.
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