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Even when closed, most front doors leak air. Typically, air can pass through the edges even with weather-stripping, but also, heat can transfer through the material of the door itself, especially if it contains glass. To better seal your home and insulate it from the cold of winter and the heat of summer, consider investing in a storm door.

Storm doors work by providing an additional thermal barrier. While they do not in themselves provide a perfect seal, in combination with the regular door, they block most drafts and much of the heat transfer.

Storm doors are available in a variety of styles to fit the design of your home. Generally, they are made of aluminum and glass and may include brass; more expensive models have a wood frame. The metal may be finished with a glossy or painted surface. Door handles range from simplistic to elegant.

Some storm doors have removable glass panes that allow a changeover to all screens in warmer months for ventilation, but these require you to remove and store the glass when not in use. Other models incorporate sliding panes and screens to enable the door to be opened; in fancier models, the screens roll up inside the door when not in use to keep them from obstructing the view.

For security, some storm doors include metal bars in the pattern and security locks. If you are purchasing a largely glass door without metal bars, save money on the lock since the strength of the lock can be defeated by breaking the glass.

For optimal insulation, make sure the door includes quality seals; the best being magnetic seals like those found on a refrigerator. The door should also include a "sweep" to seal the bottom. Because the seal of the storm door is important and may be difficult to install, you might want to consider professional installation.

Finally, the true test of a door is not only its appearance but in its function. See how easily it operates, how strong the hinges are, and how securely it opens and closes.

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