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Tankless Toilets

One piece tankless toilets (often referred to as “hatbox” toilets) are becoming one of the most popular “must haves” for luxury bathrooms because of their sleek minimalist design. These toilets rely on a powerful pump to provide exceptional flushing performance. There is no waiting for a toilet tank to refill and no refill noise. These toilets are much more expensive than ordinary models, and so they are equipped with a variety of convenient options. They are made by a number of up scale plumbing manufacturers.

If you are thinking of buying a tankless toilet, consider the following:

  • Seat options include those that automatically quietly close the toilet seat after each use. Toilet seats that provide a warm water, bidet type washing are also available. These use an instantaneous water heater to provide endless warm water at both the front and back areas of the seat. Automatic air driers are part of the process.
  • The pump in a tankless toilet uses electricity, but a manual override can be activated if there is a power outage.
  • Tankless toilets are currently only made for a standard 12 inch rough in. They usually do not require any special plumping or electricity hook ups, as they use a standard 1/2 inch water supply and a 120 volt AC GFCI outlet.

Tankless toilets are available in a variety of neutral shades, including white, tan and gray.

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