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Tile Cutters

Hand Cutters

For around $10 you can buy a pair of tile nippers, which look a lot like a pair of bent nosed pliars with a carbide cutting edge. They are a great tool for "nipping" corners or for cutting holes for pipes, etc., in ceramic tile. They will break off a small chunk of tile with surprising ease, but are poor at cutting a straight line.

Manual Tile Cutters

For cutting straight lines in ceramic tile, you can use a hand operated cutting machine that scores the ceramic tile glaze with a tungsten carbide blade then breaks the tile along the resultant line of weakness. A pretty inexpensive tool (relative to a wet saw) but expect some waste as tiles don't always break where you want them to.

Wet Saws

The best tool, and if you are working with a hard material like porcelain or marble, the only tool to use is a wet saw. A wet saw is like a radial arm saw in a small tub. The piece to be cut is clamped to a platform on tracks and slid beneath a motorized, diamond-edged cutting wheel with tilt settings. Water is circulated from the tub to the cutting area to keep the saw blade and material from overheating. If you are concerned about water splashing, try to get the largest tub you

can find because the blade will throw water. Also, be sure to use ear plugs as the cutting sound can be very loud.

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