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Timber Framed Buildings

Timber framing is a type of post and beam construction that originated in ancient times but that has seen a wide resurgence in popularity today because of its dramatic ability to span large open spaces. This construction method uses mortise and tenon joinery secured with wooden pegs to secure timbers that are assembled into a self supporting skeleton structure. The result is a beautiful exposed timber ceiling that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Timber framed houses and buildings are available from companies that specialize in their manufacture. These firms will help design the structure and then prepare them for shipment to the building site by measuring, cutting, and applying the necessary finishes to the wood timbers.

If you are thinking of constructing a timber framed building, consider the following:

  • Timber framed structures are extremely strong and durable. They will last for hundreds of years if they are properly taken care of. All the amenities of modern housing can be included in them.
  • Timber framed buildings use structural insulated panels (SIPs) on the exterior. These panels are made from two pieces of oriented strand board with rigid insulation material permanently bonded between them. The panels are easily attached to one another using a simple spine system. Dry wall and trim can be installed on the interior with the wall cavity housing the necessary electrical and plumbing equipment.
  • Timber framing can be more expensive than other construction types, but timber framed additions can be combined with less costly building methods. Timber framed great rooms with high cathedral ceilings are a very popular room addition.

It is extremely important that timber framed buildings be constructed by craftsmen with the skills and tools necessary for this specialized job, as a wide variety of complex joining details are necessary to erect the frame on site.

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