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Tin Ceilings

An easy way to add interest and beauty to any room is by installing a tin ceiling. Popular during the nineteenth century, these ceilings can be used in historic restoration. They can also be used to inexpensively cover up a damaged ceiling. They are easy to install, affordable, and durable in any climate. Tin ceilings come in a wide range of colors and patterns in both classic and contemporary styles.

Tin ceilings are actually made up of panels suspended in a grid system installed to fit the room. Cornices can be added around the edges of the ceiling. Medallions can be installed in the center. Any ceiling can be given a custom look by combining these elements.

If you are considering a tin ceiling, here are some tips to help you:

  • Consider the color of the panels. Darker shades will appear to lower the ceiling more than lighter ones.
  • Consider the age and style of the building. Ornate patterns may suit older or traditional buildings. Contemporary styles may need a simpler look.
  • Consider the height of the walls when choosing cornices so that the proportions are pleasing. Medallions should be large enough for the room.

Remember that the panels system can be fit into any size room since the tin panels are easily trimmed.

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