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Toddler Toilets

The average size toilet is often difficult for a child under the age of six to use. A number of plumbing manufacturers are now making toilets for toddlers that can be installed in day care centers, kindergartens, and public institutions such as museums and zoos that are frequently visited by families with small children. Many parents are also installing these toilets at home.

Toddler toilets eliminate the hassle of using a removable potty seat on a regular toilet. These two piece toilets usually have a 10 inch high bowl. Most toddler toilets feature a 1.6 gallon (6 liter) flush, which meets federal water conservation standards. Some models even have a tank cover locking device as a safety precaution. These toddler toilets can be difficult to find in bathroom showrooms, so they may have to be specially ordered from catalogs or by going online.

Because toddler toilets use a standar 10 to 12 inch rough in, these toilets can easily be replaced with a regular adult sized toilet when the child is old enough to use one

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