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Toilet Paper Holders

It's generally considered unsightly to leave toilet paper anywhere but on a toilet paper holder. Toilet paper holders vary from purely functional holders to ornamental designs. The common styles are:

  • a basic polished metal holder designed to fit into the side of a bathroom cabinet
  • a basic ceramic holder designed to be embedded into a tile wall and so to match (or at least not clash with) a particular tile pattern
  • metal or wood holders designed to match the faucets and towel racks
  • commercial style holders that either hold extra large roles of toilet paper or that hold several rolls at one time
  • and novelty holders, such as those that talk.

Because the toilet paper must be within easy reach of the toilet, your choice may be limited by where you can attach the holder. For example, you cannot use the cabinet attachment style if you use pedestal sinks, which have no cabinet underneath them. For some bathroom layouts, you may want to consider floor-standing holders that are either attached to the floor or that are free-standing but weighted to keep them from being tipped over.

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