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Toilets run the gamut from utilitarian to fancy. Pick the one that is keeping with your decor and keeping in mind that a nice bathroom can boost the value of the house it is in.

Size & Shape

Toilets come in standard sizes. Most are designed to fasten to the floor 12" from the wall, although some 10" and 14" models are available. Check your existing sewer connection and attachment bolt placement before buying to make sure the model you choose will fit.

Toilet bowl height is standardized (except for the higher models designed for people with disabilities), and so is the shape of the bowl: you can choose between a round or elongated seat (more comfortable for adults).

Traditional toilets are made from two pieces: a bowl and a water tank. But there are other options that center on the water tank:

  • One piece toilets mold the water tank in with the bowl. They are easier to clean (fewer cracks to clean around) and have a lower height, which allows them to fit under counters more easily.
  • A wall mounted toilet allows you to conceal the tank in the wall.
  • To get rid of the water tank entirely, you might want to consider a tankless toilet model.

Finally, there are oversize toilets designed with larger bowls and made to accomodate up to 2000 pounds of weight, and toddler toilets for small children..


It's almost not worth mentioning color and design since there is such a wide variation intended to blend with various decors. Our only advice here is to pick a color and design that matches your sink and bathtub.

Water Use

Toilets can be the largest user of water in the house. To save water, consider replacing

older toilets with the newer low flow toilets. And, for even more water savings, investigage using dual flush toilets. For rural or remote areas, you may also want to consider a composting toilet or an incinerating toilet. If you need to install a toilet in a room below the sewer connection, consider a macerating toilet.

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