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Track Lighting

Track lighting, first introduced in the early 1960's, has moved from a speciality item for commercial use to a common lighting element in high fashion and designer decors. Originally called track lighting because the lights hung from and were moveable along a track, today's track lighting encompasses lighting arrangements that stretch from several individually directable lights clustered in one location to flexible tracks that allow curves and uneven celing to lamp (stem) distances.

Track lights are generally either low voltage (12 volt) or line voltage (120 volt) systems. The low voltage systems offer smaller sized lamps and lamp housings but require a transformer to convert from line to low voltage. These transformers can either be hidden away from the lights or, in some low wattage/low voltage systems that use an electronic transformer that is much smaller than the traditional

magnetic transformer, the transformer can be unobtusively hung along with the lamps.

Like traditional table lamps, track lights are available in many styles, colors, and finishes.

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