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Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

It is very important that trees on your property be properly trimmed and pruned every few years. This is particularly true for branches that overhang telephone lines, electric lines, buildings, parked vehicles, public sidewalks, and streets. As a part of this process, the trees should also be periodically tested for healthiness and stability in their trunks and roots to reduce the possibility that the entire tree may fall and cause serious property damage or personal injury. For all but the smallest trees, it is advisable to hire a tree service professional.

Here are some helpful tips for hiring a tree service:

  • Tree service professionals may work for tree trimming companies, tree pruners, landscapers, lawn care specialists, branch removal services, and others, so you may need to hunt around. Whatever the name of the company, you would be well advised to understand their experience in the type of work you need done as the equipment and skills will vary with the size of the tree and its location.
  • Be sure that any tree service you hire has adequate insurance, including coverage for both liability and workmenís compensation. This is perhaps your most important consideration because of the financial exposures that are possible. Tree trimming is dangerous work that may result in unintentional damage to your property, even if undertaken with utmost care by a seasoned professional. Do not hesitate to call the tree trimmerís insurance company if you have any doubt at all about coverage that the firm carries, including whether the policy is current.
  • Be wary of tree trimmers who propose to climb trees with climbing spikes on their shoes. This can damage the cambium layer of the tree, which is the living and growing part of the tree just below the bark as well as its circulatory system. Climbing also is potentially dangerous to the climber. Likewise, the use of ladders should be restricted to work that is relatively close to the ground. The safest practice, regardless of the height of the tree, is for the trimmer to stand in a bucket lift mounted on a truck. These devices are also known as "cherry pickers."
  • A professional tree trimmer should be accomplished in the use of ropes to control the fall of branches that overhang wires, buildings, etc. That is, the trimmer will tie the rope around the limb before cutting and loop it over another part of the tree or a mechanical boom. Meanwhile, people on the ground will hold the ropes such that, when the limb is cut free, it can be lowered in a controlled and safe fashion. If your trimmer is not using ropes in cutting high branches that

    could conceivably fall and do damage, stop him immediately.
Be sure to have a written estimate before letting work commence. See in writing what guarantees the trimmer gives in case he accidentally damages your property or utility wires running through it

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