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Under Cabinet Lighting

If your kitchen counter workspaces are poorly lit or in shadows they can become well lit and pleasing work areas by installing lights under the cabinets. When selecting what lights to install, here are some things to consider:

  • A low profile lighting unit that is easy to conceal in the small recess area under the bottom of the cabinet
  • Hard wiring the lights so no wires are showing and wall electrical receptacle slots are still available for other uses
  • The kind of light bulbs used
    • incandescent bulbs have been the most commonly used lights
    • xenon lights are improved incandescent bulbs with very long life
    • florescent lights are more efficient than most incandescent bulbs and give good color with minimal heat. Look for units that have instant starts to avoid flickering and humming
    • halogen bulbs provide a bright, white light but look for low voltage units to avoid excess heat under the cabinet
  • Light controls: a separate on/off controls and dimmer switch to control the amount of light and to shut them off when they are not needed

If you have open shelving in your cabinets, consider installing under cabinet lights beneath the top or a shelf to light up the items on the shelf below.

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