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Vertical Ceiling Fans

When you want a ceiling fan but are interested in a more distinctive style than the traditional horizontal paddle fan style, a vertical (non-horizontal) ceiling fan is something to consider. Usually, these fans attach to the ceiling with a down rod and have at the end of the rod: 1) a fan, 2) a horizontal, stationary rod (straight or curved) with fans at the ends, or 3), a rotating ball with rods that have fans, or a fan and a decorative counterweight at the ends. Another style of non-horizontal fan uses 2 down rods with fan blades evenly spaced along a horizontal rod between them. In both styles, all fan blades move vertically instead of horizontally.

Features to consider when purchasing a vertical ceiling fan are:

  • As with a horizontal paddle fan style, vertical ceiling fans need to be 7 to 8 feet from the floor with sufficient space from the ceiling for optimal efficiency and safety. Also, the size of the room determines the size of the blades in the fan.
  • Adjustable fan heads that tilt at various angles for more precise control of air circulation
  • Optional light kits to provide lighting in the room
  • Wall mounted or remote control for more convenient operation of the fans and/or lights
  • Variable speed control so you may set how fast the air is circulated
  • Reversible fan operation if you would like to change the direction of air flow
  • In a very large room, the style where the blades are evenly spaced along a horizontal rod might be a better choice. Coming in rod lengths of 3 to 45 feet, this style of fan can effectively cool the entire area instead of having to install multiple, smaller fans.

If your ceiling is sloped and a ceiling fan wouldn’t work, consider a vertical fan that can be installed in a wall

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