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Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences address the two most serious drawbacks of wood fences: durability and maintenance. Vinyl fences, if made with sufficiently thick walls, are extremely durable and require no painting. They can be formed and textured to appear like wood. And, because they are entirely plastic and contain no wood, they are not subject to rotting, warping, and termites.

When picking a vinyl fence, rigidity is important. Vinyl is a flexible material by nature, but if formed with thick walls, vinyl fencing can be stiff enough to resist sagging. Also, the vinyl should have UV-inhibitors blended in its mix to ensure it holds up to extended exposure to the sun.

Vinyl fences are more expensive to buy than wood fences, are roughly comparable in cost to install, but because they are maintenance free, are less expensive to own in the long run.

Traditional Picket Fence

Traditional Picket Fence

Accents Of Beauty Offer the corners in your garden a subtle touch of distinction with the our Tradititonal Corner Picket Fence. This graceful corner accent is sure to be a welcome addition to your garden as it perfectly compliments a corner plant bed or defines your gardens boundaries. This versatile fence can be arranged to define both an inside and an outside corner. Premium hi-grade polyvinyl and polyethylene Shield Plants Beds Easily Will not fade, crack, peel, or rot Installation hardware is included Twenty-year guarantee Free Shipping! Ships Within 48hrs!

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