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Vinyl Molding

Nothing adds elegance to a house more than the finishing touch of the right interior and exterior moldings and trim. Traditionally, these where made from plaster or wood, but today more homeowners are choosing long lasting and low maintenance products made from polymer or cellular vinyl. These include crown moldings, door and window trims, and columns that are produced by specialty manufacturers. They arrive at the building site factory finished and ready to install.

If you are thinking of using vinyl for your house, consider the following:

  • Vinyl moldings come in a wide variety of prefinished colors and wood stains, including oak, birch, teak, mahogany, cherry, and pine. Although the finishes will last for many years, they can be painted when redecorating.
  • Unlike wood, vinyl will not crack, split, warp or twist. There are no knots or other defects in the surface. Moisture will not damage vinyl, so it will not rot like wood. It resists mildew better than plaster or wood.
  • Vinyl installs easily with nails, screws or glue. It cuts and nails better than wood.
  • Vinyl is virtually maintenance free. Interior moldings can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Exterior moldings can be damp mopped or cleaned with a garden hose.

Manufacturers make many styles of these moldings. For best results, use those that are most appropriate to the style of your house (special care should be taken to choose the right scale for the size of your room or home). Finally, look for brands that have crisply finished details.

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