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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding choices for either new or older homes because of its low maintenance. It does not rot, peel, rarely dents or chips, and does not need painting or staining. Vinyl siding today is thicker, more rigid, has a more realistic wood grain look, comes in unlimited colors, and can have some additional energy savings features. But before you purchase your siding, here are some things you should consider:

  • Determine which color looks best. The wide range of colors can make choosing one color difficult; If you are uncertain, look for a manufacturer that offers a “custom picture” of your house in the color(s) you are considering along with ideas for trims and accessories.
  • To keep your house looking fresh, choose siding that has a protective coating against UV fading in addition to UV inhibitors mixed in the vinyl to protect it from becoming brittle..
  • Once limited to clapboard or Dutch lap designs, vinyl siding now comes in vertical board, batten style, log cabin panels, and shakes that look like hand-hewn cedar shakes. Available also are trim pieces in matching or contrasting colors to maintain or create the characteristics of your home whether it is a contemporary or a period, historic design. Pick a style that is keeping with the design of your house.
  • Today’s vinyl is more realistic looking but can still have that “plastic” look, so look for the deeper depth and longer length siding, or consider continuous, no-seam vinyl to eliminate the many seams of older vinyl jobs.
  • Any siding you buy should have a manufacturer’s warranty, but not all warranties are the same. Although most problems occur during the first year, a warranty that lasts longer will obviously give you additional protection, especially if you end up having a mild summer or winter during the first year.

Most problems people have with vinyl siding are from incorrect installation, so be sure to hire a reputable and knowledgeable contractor.
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