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Walk In Bathtubs

If climbing over the side wall of a conventional tub presents a difficult or possibly unsafe situation, a walk in tub may be just the right answer. Walk-in tubs let you walk into the tub, shut a door, sit down, and fill the tub with water. Whether you are remodeling a bathroom or building a new bathroom with easy living features here are a few things to consider when comparing walk in tubs:

  • choose between a right or left-handed door, and make sure the door latch is easy to operate
  • some tubs have a ledge in the entry way; determine whether the height of the ledge will be a problem and whether there is an optional ramp available
  • check the height of the tub seat for comfort
  • if you are remodeling, make sure the walk-in tub will fit in the existing space of the old tub unless you are going to be knocking down the walls
  • look for a slip resistance floor and safety bars for easier entering and exiting
  • if you walk to be able to shower and prefer a shower door, see if the manufacturer offers optional shower doors to fit the tub.

This may also be the time to upgrade to a whirlpool tub, so price that option as well.

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