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Water Purifiers

With growing concerns about the quality and safety of drinking water, many people are installing water filtering systems in their homes as a quick and economical way of having a constant supply of clean, safe water. Before purchasing a water system, here are a number of points to consider.

First, determine what method and quality of water treatment you desire:

  • Mechanical - water passes through a filtering system that can be adapted to meet various needs. Using water pressure and high-grade filters, these systems generally give the quality of water most people desire by removing chlorine, lead, cysts and other polluting materials. They do not reduce the amount of fluoride, nitrates, sodium or minerals that cause hard water.
  • Distillation - water is heated and the water vapor is cooled before using. An advantage of this system is removing all impurities and minerals but it can leave the water with a "flat" taste.
  • Reverse osmosis - water is treated using a system of filters and an osmotic process that removes impurities leaving pure water. This method requires a holding tank, works better with soft water and requires a higher water pressure.
  • Ultraviolet light - water is exposed to ultraviolet radiation, which kills bacteria, viruses and other pathogens

Second, you also need to consider where you want to put your filtration system. Possible placements are:

  • Directly on a faucet to avoid using counter space.
  • Connected to the faucet but a tank sits on the counter.
  • In-line filters installed in your cold water lines.
  • Under-the-sink systems that direct the treated water to a separate faucet in the sink.

Lastly, regular maintenance is important for the continued high quality of treated water. Consideration should be given to the frequency and ease of cleaning and replacing parts, the cost and availability of parts, and the cost per gallon of water to operate the system.

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