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Whether it's to keep the cold in or out of your house, weatherstripping can reduce your energy costs by sealing up leaks around windows and doors. There are a number of materials used for weatherstripping, including:

  • caulk, regular or acrylic, which can be used to seal small leaks in walls, around windows, and between any two non-moving surfaces
  • styrofoam or sponge products, which are good for sealing cracks around the side and top of doors and windows
  • sweeps, shoes, and thresholds designed to seal the bottom of a door.

Applying weatherstripping is easy to do. If you are sealing up an area that opens and closes, use a compressable material to

get a tight seal. Be sure to get the right thickness, however, otherwise it will be ineffective or, if too thick, will make the door or window difficult to close.

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