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Welded Wire Mesh Fences

Welded wire mesh fencing offers high quality security fencing that is an excellent and usually less expensive choice than chain link. It originated in Europe but is now available in the United States. This fencing can be used as a security barrier for buildings or property perimeters. It has a sleek, two dimensional flat profile that is easier to see through than other types of metal fencing.

If you are thinking of buying a wire mesh fence, consider the following:

  • Wire mesh fencing comes in several different mesh designs made from high quality gauge steel. It can be purchased in a variety of coatings including plain steel, galvanized steel, or marine grade PVC coated steel. Fence posts can be round, square or "C" shaped.
  • Wire mesh fencing has very small openings that provide no opportunities for climbing, as there are no toe or finger holds. Its welded joints and closely spaced sturdy wire mesh make it almost impossible to cut.
  • Wire mesh fencing can be ordered in standard lengths and heights. It can also be custom fabricated to fit specific sites. This fencing can also be designed to produce attractive architectural configurations that are less expensive than traditional ornamental fencing.

You might also consider using welded wire mesh fences for pet cages and enclosing child play areas.

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