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Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are becoming an increasingly popular way to fit a bathroom into a small space without the cramped feeling of a traditional enclosed shower area. Generally, they are fully waterproofed areas where the walls of the room serve as the shower walls. They usually also include a sink and toilet, although the toilet may be somewhat enclosed by a short wall. The water from the shower drains directly into a floor drain. Wet rooms can be installed in awkwardly shaped areas where it would be hard to fit regular bathroom fixtures.

If you are thinking of building a wet room in your home, consider the following:

  • Wet rooms must be completely waterproof. They usually need to be constructed from dense materials such as stone or tile. A concrete sub floor is often required to form a stable base. This may limit the placement of a wet room to the first floor. Wooden floors tend to move with temperature and humidity changes; this can cause water damage through cracking in the walls and floor.
  • The shower fixtures can be sited on one of the walls, in a corner, in the ceiling or freestanding in the middle of the room. A wet room will need strong water pressure to provide a satisfactory experience. Consider installing a power shower system. Check to make sure that your water pressure mains can produce the water pressure you require.
  • Wet rooms need to be well heated, or they will feel miserably cold. Heating systems that can be used include radiant sub floor, wall mounted panel radiators and heated towel racks. All electrical work must be properly and safely installed.
  • Additional space can be saved in small wet rooms by using wall hung sinks and toilets. These will keep the floor area clear and allow surfaces to be easily cleaned.

Wet rooms can be incorporated into a regular bathroom or sleeping space as long as a waterproof partition separates the areas.

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