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Window Bars

Heavy duty metal security bars are generally installed on windows for two reasons. One is to prevent break ins from the outside. In this case the bars are most frequently found on basement or ground floor windows. Merely installing bars can act as a major deterrent, as a thief will often move on to an easier target. The other reason for security bars is to prevent the serious or fatal injury to small children from falling out of windows, usually above the first floor.

Security bars are most frequently made of iron or steel. They can be ordered from specialty manufacturers to fit standard size openings or custom made to fit any window. The least expensive types will be plain and utilitarian looking, but beautifully designed bars that enhance the appearance of any building are also available. These decorative bars are most effective if they harmonize with the architectural style of the building.

Consider the following when buying security bars for your windows:

  • The larger the window opening, the more bars are necessary. Openings less than 14 inches in width or height can be protected by a set of horizontal bars, but windows over 14 inches require the addition of vertical bars.
  • Fixed security bars are the most economical, but they are permanently installed and will not open. Make sure the room has an escape route in case of a fire.
  • Hinged bars swing open for easy window cleaning and repair. They can be secured with a padlock or an internal keyless release locking system. This release system may be required by building codes if the window serves as a secondary escape route for bedrooms or habitable basement space.
  • Removable bars are a good choice for situations where security is only periodically necessary, for instance in vacation homes or store fronts.
  • Look for security bars that are made by inserting round steel rods into the steel tubing the bars are made from. These rods cause the

    bars to spin if an attempt is made to saw through them, making it difficult to create the friction required to cut through the bars.

Security bars can be combined with alarm systems that will go off if the bars are tampered with.

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