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Window Film for Your Home

Window film can be added to most window in your home in order to:

  • reduce almost all of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, which can fade or "bleach" your furniture, drapes, carpets, linoleum, and wood
  • save energy costs by reducing excessive heat gain and loss through your windows
  • cut annoying glare (like sunglasses do)
  • increase your privacy
  • prevent injury from glass fragments due to crime, weather, and terrorism

Window film comes like contact shelf paper: Window film is made of a plastic sheet to one side of which a clear or tinted coating is applied that provides the UV blocking. The back side is coated with an adhesive and a removable paper coating.

Window film should last at least five years and may last a decade or more. Because of its thermal properties, however,
window film should not be used on all types of windows. Check with the seller or manufacturer of the film to be sure it is appropriate to the type and size of windows in our home.

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