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Wood Plank Ceilings

If you are looking for a ceiling that gets a reaction of “wow,” “spectacular,” or “gorgeous,” consider installing a wood plank ceiling. Wood plank was the traditional ceiling before plaster and drywall became the standard.

Wood plank ceilings create the warm, comforting ambience of country cottages and wood cabins, and they are suitable for most rooms in the house except those with high humidity. Available in a wide variety of woods, shades, and styles, they can be installed as the original ceiling or used to cover up a cracked, stained, or irregular ceiling. Although pre-finished planks make the job quicker to complete and can give a more uniform finish, unfinished planks that you stain yourself lets you match any other wood in the room or provide just the right contrast. The wood plank ceiling can be a suspended ceiling of wooden plank panels or a solid ceiling of planking (like a wood floor).

Although more easily installed in flat, proportionally correct spaces, wooden plank ceilings can be put in odd sized ceilings, vaulted ceilings, multilevel ceilings, and ceiling with skylights. For extra impact, consider a circular or radial design. Various types of trim pieces are available to add a more distinctive style to your ceiling. Wooden beams are another option you might want to consider.

If you would like your wooden feature to also provide soundproofing, look for acoustical wood planks.


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